Scrophularia sinensis amino acid capsule

Specification/Strength:0.35g / piece * 120 pieces / bottle


This product is a health food made of compound amino acid powder, wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese yam, jujube, white sugar as the main raw material. It has been proved by functional tests that it has the immune function of immune regulation.

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Main ingredients: complex amino acid, dextrin, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, light calcium carbonate, coated powder
The recombinant human interferon gamma for injection is prepared by lyophilization of Escherichia coli which efficiently expresses the human interferon gamma gene, after fermentation, isolation and high purification.
It has strong immunoregulatory function, enhances antigen-presenting cell function, accelerates immune complex clearance and enhances phagocytosis of foreign bodies, has two-way regulation of lymphocytes, enhances antibody-dependent cytotoxicity, and enhances certain immunocompetent cells. HLA class II antigen expression.
Recombinant Human Interferon-γis a lyophilizedfreeze-dried preparation prepared from recombinant proteins expressed by E.coli containing recombinant plasmids of the human interferon-γgene. Human interferon-γregulates the activity of immune cells, enhances the function antigen presenting cells, accelerates clearance of immune comples, and enhances the phagocytosis function.
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